Grading Code

Discover how we handle the meticulous art of preserving and valuing your comics.


That's why we developed our Grading Code, a complete, transparent and accurate grading scale that allows everybody to understand the details of the final grading value.


We are the quickest grading service in the world thanks to our network


We grade books of all types and size, not just US comics


You can easily check your comics' score thanks to our fully transparent system


At EGC, we’ve revolutionized the comic grading process with a uniquely comprehensive approach.

Unlike traditional methods, we employ the entire decimal scale for a nuanced and precise final score. Commencing at the highest rating of 10, points are gradually deducted based on the severity of any imperfections found within the comic.

This evaluation system is applied to comics from any era, without differentiation between masterpieces from the past and new gems from the world of comics.

One grading scale to rule them all!

Our evaluation sheet, meticulously crafted, not only gets digitally published on our website but also comes hand-delivered in a prestigious format to the comic’s owner.

This dual mode of delivery ensures utmost transparency and convenient accessibility, setting a new standard for clarity and trust in comic valuation.

Long story short: Yes! With us, you can get a 9.1!

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  1. Secure Collection Point: To begin, you bring your valuable comic to one of our authorized collection points, ensuring a safe handover.

  2. Triple Evaluation: Your comic then undergoes a thorough assessment by three expert graders. This triple approach ensures the utmost precision in determining the final grade.

  3. Quality Restoration: If you requested comic restoration during the grading process, the work is executed by our skilled paper partners, preserving the comic’s integrity and value. The comic willl be graded before and after the restoration so you can truly appreciate the value of the restoration process.

  4. Thermal Sealing and Premium Encasement: Following the grading phase, your comic is thermally sealed for protection and placed within high-quality display cases, ensuring impeccable preservation.

  5. Easy Access and Premium Gifts: The grading results are subsequently published on our website, accessible via a simple QR code. Furthermore, we can provide you on demand, with an exclusive display stand and an authenticity certificate, making our service truly premium and unforgettable.

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